Stay in the Best Hotel in London


When you go on holiday, you will need to take your prescribed medications with you, however it’s important to take steps to prevent problems with stolen, lost, or insufficient medication. Below are a few steps on how to travel with prescription medication:

•    Verify the forms of drugs you can take: Fluids in certain quantities might be banned on flights. Keep in mind that the pharmacy will transfer liquid drugs into smaller bottles for the journey if you ask.
•    Take the drugs in the original containers, bearing the name of the pharmacy and the prescribing doctor: This is mainly significant when passing through airport customs or security.
•    Carry a list of the generic names of your medicines: If you run out of your prescribed medication overseas, you might be able to find another supply in an emergency;however, the brand names may be unfamiliar in the nation you are traveling in. Doctors or pharmacists will probably understand the generic name.
•    Understand the signs of over-medication as well as the antidote or actions to take: For instance, if you take Coumadin, what do you do if you accidentally overdose?
•    Additional considerations: Before you depart, find out what (if any) limitations there are on these drugs at your destination. Your doctor can provide you with some of this information and you can also check on the website for the nation’s embassy in your country. Before you depart, pack the pills in a transparent plastic bag with a recommendation written by your doctor.
Many pharmacies will only fill prescriptions recommended in that country, so be sure to take enough medication for the whole journey.  If your prescription is lost or you run out, you may need to see a doctor in that nation and be re-evaluated to obtain a similar prescription that a local pharmacy will fill. However, showing this doctor your original prescription can make this procedure easier.

Additional Tips:
•    If your trip will last more than a few days, consider obtaining a “pill organizer” and put your pills for the next day in it each night.
•    If you are just going to be away for a few days, you do not need to carry your full 30 day prescription. Keep some at home with the exception of a few extras as backup.

Where to Stay In London on Your Tour?

London is home to a number of the finest hotels in the United Kingdom. You’re sure to find a quality place, whether you choose to stay in lavish five-star hotels or pocket-friendly hostels.

If you are planning to visit London this year,the first thing you will need to organize is the airplane ticket. You should book the hotel room in advance too, so that you don’t have to face any trouble on your arrival. You can find a good range of hotels in London if you check on the net,where there are loads of hotels that are affordable and tailored to your needs.

The Shaftesbury hotels are the perfect choice, whether you are travelling for business or leisure. These hotels are perfectly situated and have convenient transport links with prime tourist attractions and the central business districts. No matter why you are visiting, you can take your pick of Shaftesbury hotels depending on your needs, budget and preference. Situated in various attractive areas such as Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Paddington, Kensington, and Notting Hill, these hotels enjoy a favored position for tourism, trade and transport.

London is an expensive city, and you might think that staying in London is also an expensive affair. Although it can be pricey, there are also numerous hotels which provide inexpensive accommodation and offer deals and discounts. It’s surprisingly easy to find inexpensive hotels, discounts and affordable hostels in London – all you need to do is search online for the hotel you want.

Some people make it a point to stay in these hotels every time they visit. They book their rooms in advance over the Internet, as they are well aware of the fact that these hotels are often full. Therefore, it is good advice to book your room in advance.

These hotels provide discounts to their visitors and guarantee affordable rates.You might be asking, “what kind of discounts?”The answer is that by booking online, you can save up to 70% on your room rate. By reserving a hotel room online, you can be confident that you have reserved the best room at the lowest price.