11 Places to Charge Your Electric Car in London

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Cashing in on special offers in London hotels is always worth it, especially when you consider how much there is to do and see in the city. What is even better is that it is increasingly suitable for those visiting with electric cars, making it easier than ever to enjoy London.

Transport For London, the local government body responsible for the transport systems in Greater London likes buses, overground and underground train networks, is in the process of creating a network of electric car charging points in order to create incentives for low emission in the city, making it as undeserving as the nickname “Big Smoke” as possible.

The process is still underway, though, so in the meantime, here are your go-to spots that are within incredibly manageable proximity to Park Grand hotels.

Q-Park Trafalgar

This parking garage is practically the garage for Trafalgar Square – an easy distance to travel from Park Grand Paddington Court London. It is incredibly central and walking-distance from Trafalgar Square, Studios and Theatre as well as the National Gallery.

Address: Spring Gardens, Whitehall, Greater London, SW1A 2TS

Types: 4 x 3kW 13A 3-Square pin
4 x 7kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes

Whitehall Place 

You will find Whitehall Place at the heart of Westminster, a short walk from Embankment and Charing Cross underground stations. If you wanted to park up and charge in Central London while exploring the tourism hotspots, then this would be a great choice.

Address: 10 Whitehall Place, Whitehall, Greater London, SW1A 2BD

Types: 2 x 7kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes

Q-Park Leicester Square

By this stage, you have probably noticed that a lot of these charging points are incredibly close to one another – it is important to remember that this is because they have varying types and spaces. So, you should have a few in mind in case your first choice is full, as well as know which type of point you are after.

Address: Whitcomb Street, Leicester Square, Greater London, WC2H 7DT

Type: 2 x 3kW 16A Type 2 Mennekes

Saint Martins Lane Hotel

Though this has fewer spaces than ports like Q-Park Trafalgar, it has three types of charging points, making it a popular one.

Address: 45 Saint Martin’s Lane, Charing Cross, Greater London, WC2N 4HX

Types: 2 x 43kW 63A Type 2 Mennekes
2 x 50kW 125A JEVS (CHAdeMO)
2 x 50kW 125A CCS (Combo)

St. James’ Square

St. James’ Square is best-loved for Georgian and Neo-Georgian architecture, beautiful gardens… and its charging points. That is what the tour guides say, right?

Address: 1 St. James’ Square, St. James’s, Greater London, SW1Y 4PD

Types: 4 x 7kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes

Southampton Street

This charging spot, like those that have been previously mentioned, is perfectly central. If your car needs a charge, you certainly won’t be at a loss for shows to watch, food to eat, drinks to slurp and historical landmarks to photograph. It’s a particularly small one.

Address: Southampton Street, Covent Garden, Greater London, WC2E 7HA

Types: 1 x 3kW 13A 3-Square pin
1 x 3kW 16A Type 2 Mennekes

Q-Park Chinatown

If you find yourself going from one Covent Garden-based charging point to another and they are all full, then you know two things for sure. One, that electric cars are finally turning from an idea of the future into a reality. Two, that you need to head to Chinatown for more space.

Address: 20 Newport Place, Leicester Square, Greater London, WC2H 7PR

Types: 10 x 3kW 13A 3-Square pin
2 x 7kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes
1 x 43kW 63A Type 2 Mennekes
1 x 50kW 125A JEVS (CHAdeMO)
1 x 50kW 125A CCS (Combo)
2 x 43kW 63A Type 2 Mennekes
2 x 50kW 125A JEVS (CHAdeMO)
2 x 50kW 125A CCS (Combo)

Q-Park Soho

Here is another varied spot. Though there are no ten-of-anything, there is a wide range of types so it is a good spot if you have a less-accessible car.

Address: Poland Street, Soho, Greater London, W1F 7NQ

Type: 2 x 3kW 13A 3-Square pin
2 x 7kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes|
1 x 43kW 63A Type 2 Mennekes|
1 x 50kW 125A JEVS (CHAdeMO)
1 x 50kW 125A CCS (Combo)

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel

Visiting the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in Westminster with your electric car is as simple as driving up and plugging in with Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel.

Address: 200 Westminster Bridge Road, Bankside, Greater London, SE1 7UT

Type: 1 x 3kW 13A 3-Square pin
1 x 7kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes

Sardinia Street

Small but efficient and particularly conveniently placed, this spot on Sardinia Street leaves you in walking of everything from the Top Secret Comedy Club to a plethora of restaurants and bars.

Address: East of Kingsway, Drury Lane, Greater London, WC2B 6TE

Type: 1 x 3kW 16A Type 1 Yazaki
1 x 7kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes

Albemarle Street

If you are leaning more towards the Mayfair side of town, then you can visit the charging points on Albemarle Street for all your car-charging needs. The area is bordering Hyde Park so is the perfect distance from Park Grand Paddington Court London.

Address: Albemarle Street, Mayfair, Hanover Square, Greater London, W1S 4BS

Type: 2 x 3kW 13A 3-Square pin
2 x 7kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes

Download an app

There are a number of apps you can download that will make this a whole lot easier for you – you simply input your location and it will signal to you the closest available port for charging. If we are going all-electric, you might as well befriend the perks of technology too!

Driving an electric car is increasingly popular worldwide but especially in London. This is not just because of cost but because of the positive environmental impact they have and have the potential to continue making. Moreover, it is easier and easier to do in London because of the charging points popping up around the city like those previously mentioned.