Allow Your Kids to Enjoy London as Well


A city like London often resembles nothing more or less than a vast playground, and that’s just as far as the adults visiting are concerned. Packed with pubs, clubs, restaurants, art galleries and so much more, it is the ultimate grown up theme park, but many people, especially those who have never tried it, imagine that visiting with children in tow will completely spoil the fun. The reality is that travelling to a city such as London with kids can be an exciting, enriching and fulfilling experience, and that seeing the city through the eyes of a child will restore the sense of excitement and wonder which, as a jaded ‘seen it all before’ adult, it can be all too easy to lose.

The first and most obvious plus point of travelling with children is the impact it will have upon their view of the world. All too often, a child’s world is a fairly small place, consisting mainly of their family home, their school, the friends they see in both places and a few locations in the immediate vicinity. By travelling with your children to a place like London, you’ll instantly be broadening their horizons and opening their minds to the possibilities of what the world can contain. Firstly, the size and variety of London will underline just how rich and varied life in a city can be, and secondly, the fact that you’ve actually made a conscious effort to travel there will teach a lesson in possibility. Travelling to a place like London will show your children that the world doesn’t end at the end of their street, that there are countless possibilities out there and that accessing these possibilities is easily achievable. If you want to stay somewhere near the airport; then BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel will be the best choice that allows visitors to have a comfortable stay with easy access to the city. In purely educational terms, time spent in London can be more than a match for hours spent sitting in a classroom, whether you want to teach your children about the history of the parliamentary system, the royal family, the theatre of Shakespeare or even the history of the world from the days of the dinosaurs. The galleries and museums in London, many of them free to enter, will teach your children everything they need to know about topics as diverse as science, art, nature, design and the city of London itself.

The key to truly enjoying a trip in the company of your children lies in basing the itinerary, as far as possible, around places and activities which you know will interest and amuse them, whilst also maintaining a degree of flexibility. It’s also useful to ensure that the practicalities – where you’ll be eating drinking and even sleeping – have been arranged in advance, thus allowing you to relax as the trip unfolds and concentrate on having fun. By travelling with your children from as early an age as possible, you’ll be raising them as citizens of the whole planet, thus inculcating a much more caring and considerate attitude towards both the planet itself and the people that they happen to be sharing it with. Above all else, travelling to a place like London with your kids means simply spending much more time with them, and appreciating that the bulk of that time will genuinely be quality time, spent sharing activities and journeys over which you can form an unbreakable bond.