Best Food in Borough Market

meat loaf

Borough Market is one of London’s most historic market areas, having existed as such for over 1000 years. The market’s retail sector operates all week whilst the wholesale market operates from 2am till 8am and started its life as a market connected to London Bridge. Where the market space now is was an extension of this and the market was so prolific in the middle-ages that in 1550 it even received a Royal Charter from King Edward VI as part of a move to control all the markets in the Southwark area.

The market is therefore a place of great importance to the city, what with its history and many food sellers reliant on its business. With this in mind it’s no surprise that there are so many great foods to sample in Borough Market. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a hefty meal, there’ll be something for hungry tourists. Although we may find the catering of hotels like the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington delectable to say the least, there is always something which will draw you out from the bedroom in London, and Borough Market is one of them.

Full of spices that pack a punch, such as the Berbere spice and aromatic butter nit’ir kibe, Ethiopian Flavours brings the best of both meaty stews and vegetarian dishes. The beef and chicken stew can be combined with the vegetarian feasts, including tasty Ethiopian vegetables such as missir, gomen and fasolia. These can then be combined with ingera, a thin bread which can act as either a platter or as a wrap. This is definitely one for those looking for a new cuisine to try.

Borough Market

  • La Tua Pasta

This homemade pasta shop offers visitors pasta and dishes that are authentically Italian. Here you can buy speciality pastas such as Gnocchi and Tortellini, as wella s speciality saucers and dips for your own cooking at home. La Tua Pasta is a family run business and this means that the recipes have been passed down the generations, giving it that authentic feeling and a love and dedication to the craft that can only come with a long and proud heritage.

  • Horn OK Please

Horn OK please sells vegetarian Indian street food and took its great name from the signs emblazoned on the back of vehicles in the busy streets of cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The stalls owners were inspired by the colours, sights, sounds and smells of India’s city street food sellers and therefore decided to bring the flavour to London’s Borough Market. The street food includes the likes of moong dal dosa, aloo tikki chaat and pani puri, inspired by flavours and dishes from alls ides of India. This vegetarian option will bring health, fresh food and comfort eating all in equal measures.

  • Gourmet Goat

For those looking for a new meaty taste, why not head on down to Gourmet Goat, one of the best places to eat this rarely seen meat. Goat, alongside its milk and cheese is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, even having farmers cultivating the animals so it is no surprise that the owner of Gourmet Goat has an expansive background in eating and rearing Goats in Cyprus, where the animal is a common ingredient in dishes. With the Cyprus background it’s not surprising therefore, that Grecian foods are influencing the flavours at Gourmet Goat with tasty Kofta wraps and Mediterranean inspired salads and stews.

  • Wokit

At the trendy Wokit, customers can find a blend of different Asian street foods including noodles and curry dishes flavoured with heady mixes of coconut, teriyaki and blends it all together with fresh market produce, much of which was bought itself at Borough Market.