Best Places to Shop for Clothes in London


London has always been at the height of fashion, just look at the annual London Fashion week and the sheer amount of stylish people living in the city. Part of the reason for this is because of the wealth of shopping hubs in the city. With so many different areas of London offering their own unique style and charm, it’s no surprise that the city has become so diverse and the inhabitants of this vast city come together to create a vivid kaleidoscope of trends, cutting edge and character. So where do the most fashion conscious Londoner’s find their glad rags, and how can visitors of hotels such as the Park Grand London Kensington find the right garments to blend in with London’s cool kids?

  • Covent Garden

Covent Garden’s 7 dials area is one of the best places in Central London to get down to some top quality shopping. The area has to its name a huge amount of shopping choices. From one of the flagship Fred Perry stores to Nike town, one of the best and widest ranging Nike stores in the capital. Here you can find everything from fashionable trainers to sportswear, and everything in between. There are also a number of independent retailers in the area. What’s more, Covent Garden is a scenic and historic part of London, with many pubs and a history of being one of London’s best retail areas.

Covent Garden

  • Oxford Street

The fact that Oxford Street has over 300 shops means that it’s a given that this famous street and Europe’s busiest high street has many opportunities for clothes shopping. There are several flagship stores for renowned retailers such as Topshop, who are so large that they even have their own café on the ground floor for those weary of the shopping rush. There is also a large H & M store where you can find the best in high street fashion with regular sales at bargain prices. These two are popular choices for all ages but you’d be mad to miss out on Zara’s Oxford Street store with its iconic multi storied building standing out amongst the sparkling neon and roaring buses.

  • Camden Market

Camden Market is bustling and full of character. The same can be said for the clothes in its market place, all leather jackets, vintage streetwear and weird and wonderful hats. The fact that the market is right next to the Regents Canal means that the scene is set for an iconic market, charming in its shabbiness whilst also providing a maze of clothing and accessories for visitors to lose themselves in. Camden Market is also well known for its delectable food supplies, so maybe eat before you buy clothes to avoid any stains!

Camden Market

  • Shoreditch and Brick Lane

Shoreditch is known not only for its great shopping opportunities but for its thriving arts and food scene as well. With many curry houses due to the Bangladeshi history to the area and thriving arts scene with the likes of Rich Mix Arts venue and Shoreditch town hall, the area of Shoreditch has all the right ingredients for fashion. With many independent and boutique retailers dotted up and down Brick Lane, visitors can also find the likes of second hand vintage clothes aficionados Beyond Retro and even a half price Doc Martens store in the guise of Blackmans, in Bethnal Green.

Brick Lane

  • Notting Hill

The area of Notting Hill is where you can find the boutique and more high end fashion brands alongside great bargain busters like Portobello Market. For that real English Chelsea feel, there’s a whole range of shops in West London.

Notting Hill