We have the cycling super highway, renewable energy sources from tidal and wind energy as well as wind farms cropping up on the south coast. With clean energy being the focus of a city, which is off the charts on air pollution, architects have started to do their part for the environment. In London you can now find countless examples of sustainable architecture, focussing on population management and sustainable energy consumption. This has led to a whole heap of magnificent architecture which toes the line between style and practicality. As your carbon footprint decreases, you can grow your footprints across London.

With hotels such as the Park Grand Paddington Court London being near the city centre, you can now enjoy a walking tour of the sustainable architecture of the city.

Who are Insider London?

Insider London have been operating in the capital for several years now and it shows; the attention to detail on each of their unique tours knows no bounds and the amount you learn is unbeatable. Whether you’re taking a tour of street art hotspots or you’re looking for an historical tour with more depth than the usual, Insider London is the go to. These tours are both entertaining and educational, and whether you’re a professional in the tours field, trying to learn more about that culture, or simply looking for a great way to spend an afternoon out from the Great Cumberland Place London and other centrally located hotels, Insider Tours are a must.

What is the sustainable architecture walking tour?

So that brings us onto the sustainable architecture tour. If you’re an architect yourself or your looking to learn more about the recent history and trend of sustainable London architecture, then this tour is for you. Alongside seeing some stunning London architecture, you’ll also get an in-depth knowledge of the area and how the buildings were made. Whether it’s a building with rooms run from recycled cooking oil or a wind powered office block, you’ll scratch beneath the surface and truly find the weird and the wonderful.

What you see

Alongside beautiful buildings nestled in the heart of the city, you’ll also find out about secret 500 plus roof top garden havens, the policies and reasons for this drastic change in the city, buildings held up by reinforced plastic and even some unknown secrets about London landmarks you may not have known about.

How long is the tour?

Averaging at 2 hours a tour, this is a great way to kill a few hours between lunch and dinner.

Who should take the tour?

Whether you’re looking to concrete your knowledge of London architecture, you’re a teacher with a class studying sustainability or just a visitor staying at London hotels, then this tour is for you.

What other tours are there?

Insider London also do tours of the history of the labyrinthine London Underground, as well as a Street Art Tour, and of the debauched history of the London East End. This means there’s something for everyone, providing you’ve got the walking stamina for it!