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When traveling with children it is important to find appropriate accommodation, particularly when the destination of travel is a busy, cosmopolitan, city, such as London. There are many considerations to take into account, and here, we look at some of the key issues you should plan for when holidaying to England’s capital city with children.

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Firstly, you need to be considerate of the fact that London is a very demanding city, and that, therefore, children are likely to tire quickly, or become overwhelmed by the crowds. For this reason, it is important to choose London Hotels within quite locations. Areas such as Kensington, Hyde Park, and Tower Hill are ideal as they are relatively upmarket, and thus tend to be quieter and less hectic.

It is also important that the hotel itself has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Many London hotels cater for adults only, and can be rowdy (particularly at the weekend). Therefore, when choosing a hotel you must ensure that you consider only family hotels London, rather than those that cater more for a more adult customer base. Family hotels in London tend to be noisy in the day, but very quiet at night, which is perfect for young children.  Moreover, by choosing to stay in family hotels London, you are likely to meet other families with which your children can play and have fun; other parents will also be able to tell you about child-friendly attractions and places of interest for children.

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Plan your trip as best you can before you leave, so that you know which of the many London attractions you wish to see while on your holiday. Once you have a brief itinerary, you can search on line for London hotels in the best location to visit these places. You will find that many of the attractions you want to see, such as Hyde Park, the London Eye, the London Dungeons, and the Tower of London, are all relatively close to each other.

By choosing a hotel located within easy reach of the main attractions, you will find that you will relieve a lot of pressure while on holiday. For example, the London Underground is very crowded and extremely hot. Most children do not like the atmosphere on the Underground, finding it intimidating and frenzied. A hotel located within easy reach of your favoured attractions means you will have less need to use the Underground, and children will feel more settled while on holiday. Furthermore, the less travel you need to make, the cheaper the holiday (an all day travel card (24hrs access) on the London Underground costs around £5 per person, for a family of four, the costs can soon add up).

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