Budget London Hotels at Prominent Areas

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The historic city of London is filled with a variety of attractions catering to numerous types of visitors. London’s Colourful culture, historic monuments, classic  houses, state-of-the-art infrastructure, promising skyline, beautiful rivers, serene gardens, buzzing streets, vast variety of restaurants, and inviting atmosphere make it one of the most desirable cities in the world. In fact, as per records, London surpasses even New York and Paris in term of annual number of visitors. Also, because it is the biggest financial market in Europe, it attracts many business visitors from different parts of the world. However, one major factor behind so many international visitors choosing to spend some quality time in the city is the easy availability of cheap London hotels that offer bed and breakfast at affordable rates to their guests.

With so many options of accommodation available in London, it is important that you decide the criteria on the basis of which you want to choose a hotel. For instance, you can choose a hotel on the basis of budget, location, proximity to some famous sights or a combination of all of these. London features many discount hotels that are spread in every part of the city offering numerous accommodation options to visitors. This way, travelers can choose to stay at any of the cheap London hotels that serve their purpose and makes their visit very comfortable. This is especially important in case of business visitors who always look for a hotel which is near to their client’s location. The city also features a number of hostels and bed & breakfast accommodations that feature budget accommodations.

From the various places in London, the ‘West End’ houses some of the best hotels of the city. You can also find some small hotels in this area offering affordable accommodation. One of the best areas to find budget London hotels is Marble Arch which is very popular place with locals as well. Many visitors choose to stay here due to the historical importance attached to the area. Another area that pulls a lot of national as well as international visitors is Paddington. The area features the famous Paddington station which is known for its top security in England REALLLY!?!?!!?!?!?!. London’s famous Hyde Park is located at a stone’s throw from Paddington. The park is visited by numerous tourists due to its beauty and the various attractions. There are many cheap London hotels located at a short distance from Hyde Park serving small budget visitors. Travelers who like to stay near this nature’s wonder can choose a hotel near the park.

Some other areas where you can find cheap London hotels include Bayswater, Lancaster Gate, Notting Hill and Edgware Road. In fact, you can you choose to stay in a hotel at any of these areas as all of these are connected by tube. To make a selection now, you can check out the options available at https://www.shaftesburyhotels.com.