Christmas in London


London is especially enticing to travel to around during the Christmas period, when the West End lights up with whimsical illuminations and decorations. But it’s not just the fact that London knows how to dress up well that makes it a great Christmas holiday destination. Christmas markets, ice skating rinks, concerts and Christmas trees begin adorning the city from the edge of the town centre. A lot of the best attractions and events begin to unravel during this period, ready for avid travellers looking to make their holiday experience a gift worth remembering

Christmas Tree
While it’s a lovely experience to share the Christmas period with family at home, maybe this is the year you decide to do things differently? With the central hotel deals, travelling doesn’t have to be a nuisance. The elegant Park Grand London Lancaster Gate sets the stage for a stress-free time in the city, with everything being just right around the corner – including many of the Christmas themed attractions.

One of the best sites to visit during this period is Winter Wonderland, open exclusively in the winter months. The Natural History Museum Ice Rink, the Skate at Somerset House, also open up for visitors. Whatever you decide to do in London, you’ll find that if you visit during the Christmas period, you’ll find planning your days fun and easy.

With dozens of events and attractions promoted during this time, you’ll no doubt find your festive spirit.

Besides that, London being famous for its shopping – becomes even more enticing due to its Christmas sales. Designer clothing and toys will be more inexpensive than ever, and if you live in Europe, you’ll benefit from a very favourable exchange rate due to Brexit.

If you’re travelling with family, you have even less of an excuse not to visit. Many of the attractions here are perfect for groups, with the Hogwarts in the Snow being a prime example. Father Christmas will also be here to see, right at the ZSL London Zoo. So, dazzle yourself in London’s Christmas spirit this season, and find out what awaits for you.