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London is a fantastic city, and for this reason, it proves exceptionally popular with tourists. It is the cultural capital of the world by many standards, with a rich and colourful history and a fantastic mixture between old and new. More than ten million tourists come to uncover some of the many wonderful experiences London has to offer; people of all ages, of all walks of life, of all backgrounds, of all everything, arrive because this city has something for everyone. Art, history, film, fashion, design, theatre, thrill seeking, tranquillity, peace, excitement – everything you are looking for can be found right here, in England’s capital city. There is one draw back…money.

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  • London is notoriously expensive: food, travel, attractions – they all add up. However, it is not all bad news, with so many businesses vying for your custom it is possible to pick up some fantastic bargains, and to travel through the city on a shoestring. Whether the bargain comes in the form of a discount hotel London, or whether in the form of beans on toast (- and by the way, no trip to the UK is complete without beans on toast, it is one of our national dishes…although we do not necessarily like to admit it!) there are plenty of ways to save money in London.
  • Hotel accommodation is the area in which it is possible to save the most money. In extreme cases, you can choose to stay in one of the many youth hostels, where rooms start from around £10 a night. However, as the name implies, these hostels are for young people only (16-25 normally), and they are hostels, as opposed to hotels, meaning that you will normally have to share a room with other tourists.
  • For those of us who want a little privacy, but are still not willing to spend a great amount of money on hotel accommodation, there are a few tips to employ. Firstly, always book your hotel room well in advance, the majority of hotels offer discounts for guests who book three or more months prior to their visit. Occasionally, hotels may offer late deals, if you book the day before or on the day, but this tactic is very risky and hotels are likely to be fully booked.
  • Select a hotel in an area where you know there is plenty of competition, as competition drives down prices and so even a luxury hotel in such an area is likely to be cheaper than a budget hotel in a less competitive area. Paddington hotels London tend to fall into this category. Paddington station is the terminal for the Heathrow Express, which means many tourists pass through the area every day. This has meant that the area around Paddington has seen a proliferation of hotels; more hotels, equals greater competition, equals better prices.

Finally, you will always find the greatest competition online, so it is always better to purchase hotel accommodation via the internet. If you are looking for a hotel room in London, then visit for some fantastic rates.