Discover London in October All by Yourself


Travelling to London is the cherished dream of most people around the globe. If you are planning to go there alone in October, you can have a great time as a lot of events take place during that time and the weather is just perfect for exploring the city as the winter season would have just started and moving around the city will be a pleasure. You can wander around in this eternally evolving city and discover its diversity of life, culture and the wonderful attractions that have made this city one of the most desirable tourist destinations on earth. The city has a lot to offer such as historic monuments, innovative architecture, cultural heritage in its various museums, theatres and art galleries, exotic nightlife activities, fantastic restaurants serving delectable dishes from all over the world, world-class bars serving a wide variety of wines and other spirits and diverse shopping opportunities.

If you are planning on travelling to London in October solo, you will be overwhelmed by its mix of worldwide cultural influences – from the sari merchants of Brick Lane to the Caribbean flavours of Brixton restaurants, the Latin rhythms of Notting Hill to the multicultural museum exhibits along the Southbank and a lot more. You can have endless fun, excitement and exploration. You will be able to see the differences of its traditional buildings and modern architecture and feel the atmosphere that presents a seamless combination of old and new.

October is the time when you will be able to find London at its fabulous best as you visit the sparkling area of West End that offers decadent five-star hotels and the vibrancy of Shaftsbury Avenue’s theatres providing a perfect base for the cultural offerings of the city. You will have a plethora of options if you are interested in drama that include “tis Pity She’s a Whore, 2071, # Winters, Ballyturk, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, Bring Up the Bodies, The Broken Heart, Bull, Carmen Disruption, The Changeling, The Cherry Otchard, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Days of Wine and Roses, Dido, Queen of Carthage, Dirty Butterfly, East is East, Electra, Ghost Stories, Great Britain, Henry IV, Julius Caesar, King Charles III and many more. You will be spoilt for choice as the options are seemingly endless. You will regret that you do not have enough days to see all that you would love to see.

If you are travelling to London in October solo, you will be able to shop to your heart’s content as there will be no one to nudge you to stop except of course, the budget limit on your credit card. There are so many shopping opportunities that you will go crazy trying to fathom out what to buy and what to leave for your next trip. The best way to enjoy your trip and be located strategically close to the various places of interest is to stay in central London in a hotel that will suit your budget. Even if you have to sacrifice a few facilities, it will be worth your while to stay in a budget hotel so that you can save some money for your shopping. Staying in a place like Hyde Park of Kensington, you will find that Oxford Street, Regents Street, Kensington High Street, Mayfair and Portobello Street Market are just minutes away. You will be able to visit any of these shopping places and spend hours in indulging in one of your weaknesses, which is to get the latest fashionable clothes and other items that you have always wanted to possess.

Explore Oxford Street

If you are staying in a hotel in Kensington, you will be able to experience London’s stylish lifestyle as you will be located in one of the most posh, sophisticated and affluent areas of the city where the rich business owners, top level executives, celebrities, film stars and members of the royalty live. You can visit some of the best restaurants of the city and rub shoulders with the who’s who of the city. If you wish to enjoy your stay in style, this is the place to stay as it is famous for its couture, gourmet food, museums and high-end department stores including Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

Central London is the place where you will find a wealth of historical landmarks and attractions that include the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral, fascinating Tower of London, the intriguing Museum of London, the majestic Buckingham Palace, the lofty London Eye, the towering Big Ben, the historic Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Tower of London, London Dungeons, British Museum, V&A Museum, Trafalgar Square and a host of other attractions. It is also the hub of economic and business activities of Europe being home to a large number of business headquarters of corporate organisations and banks. You will also find many contemporary, modern hotels in this area.

You will also find that London is the hub of restaurants serving good food thriving with the flavours and the spices of its many ethnic communities. The markets, fast food vendors and restaurants of the capital need to be tasted to be believed. Visiting the Borough Market will reveal a fantastic explosion of taste as its tradesmen offer cutting deals on an endless variety of food produce from all corners of the globe.

When the sun sets, you can head to Soho for an exciting evening at one of the nightclubs or pubs for an explosive nightlife experience.