Enjoy the best of summer time in London in its royal parks

summer in London

London is a beautiful and vibrant city to visit at any time of the year. Like every season London offers lots of things to do in summers. The days are longer and warmer in this season that gives you an opportunity to indulge in more outdoor activities.

If you are visiting London during in the months of summer, you can book yourself a nice and comfortable stay at the luxurious chain Shaftesbury group Hotels in London. These hotels are located close to prime tube and bus links making is super-convenient and easy for you to commute to different parts of the city. Plus, their prime locations keep you close to several popular attractions and experiences as well as the huge London parks. This is great because of the buzzing things are happening in these areas. In the hotel you will get all modern facilities and a calm and tranquil stay that too in the heart of the hustling- bustling city of London. The hotel staff is warm and friendly, who are dedicated in making your stay as memorable as it can be.

The most ideal thing to do in London during the months of summer is to indulge in activities and explore its many massive, well-maintained and royal parks. Here’s a list of places you must visit while you are in London.

Crash A Party in a Rooftop Park

This is the most perfect time of the year when you can opt for al fresco dinning or attend one of the many parties planned by restaurants on their rooftops or open terrace sections. You can choose from Hawaiian to Caribbean themed parties that serve some great food and beverages. Put on your sunglasses and have a gala time here. Some Rooftop park also give you the option to enjoy a barbecue and cook some tasty delights.

Where: Dalston Rooftop Park

Kyoto Gardens

Enjoy the beauty of some artistic Japanese plantation with colourful plants and shrubs in full bloom and is further decorated by stunning water features all of which is designed by eminent Japanese designers.

Holland Park, Holland Park Ave, Kensington, London W11 4UA

Catch A Movie Under the Stars

One of the best ways experiences to indulge in during summers in London is watch outdoor cinema. Several places in London offer screenings of some classic movies in the outdoors, parks and more iconic areas of London.


The Nomad Cinema, Rooftop Film Club, The Luna Cinema, Somerset House and more.

See Richmond Park on Horseback

One of the most massive parks of London is the Richmond Park. On a good sunny day, you can see the whole park on a Horseback. You can book a tour with the nearby stables and enjoy the beauty of the park on a horseback.

Spot Victorian Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park

Another beautiful green patch in the heart of London is the Crystal Palace Park. In this park you find dinosaur statues that attract many tourists. It’s free to visit and makes for a great photo opportunity.

Run Away to the Circus

During the months of summer a lot of circuses also open. So, you can visit one of the circus shows happening in many parts and parks of London. This is a great activity for your family and kids.

The Regent’s Park

One of the most Royal Parks of London, here you can plan a nice summer picnic, go for boating, enjoy long walks, and visit the London zoo which is located in the park.