Enjoy dining and drinking festivals in London


October may generally be seen as being one of the less remarkable months of the calendar, but that isn’t the case if you’re a London-based foodie.

That’s because this month will see the opening of two major dining and drinking festivals, both of which are sure to provide lots of fun.

The London Restaurant Festival is one to certainly enjoy, with restaurants throughout the capital seeking to entice new customers with special menus and a series of events.

Meanwhile, London Cocktail Week is one of the city’s best annual events, allowing visitors to enjoy perfectly-made cocktails for as little as £4.

So, if you’re intending to spend a night in London celebrating a birthday party or a wedding, you might wish to chime your plans with these dining and drinking festivals. Here are some more details…

London Cocktail Week

Between October 7th and 13th, London will be hosting a range of cocktail-themed seminars, as well as parties and master classes.

But even more exciting is the news that drinkers can expect to enjoy a few specially-made cocktails at a very reasonable price.

It has been announced that participating bars will serve £4 cocktails to anyone wearing a London Cocktail Week wristband, which is available for just £10.

Loads of great venues have already pledged their support to the concept, including Whistling Shop and The Riding House Cafe.

The London Restaurant Festival

This annual festival starts today (October 3rd) and will run until the 21st. It will see an impressive number of restaurants and diners come together to celebrate eating out in the capital.

It has been confirmed that each participating eatery will have an exclusive London Restaurant Festival menu, which is sure to feature all sorts of things you’ve never tried before.

As part of the event, you could sample two courses for £25 at the landmark OXO Tower, or enjoy a family-friendly meal at one of the city’s other top restaurants.