Experience Alice In Wonderland as you’ve never seen it before


This April, take a trip to Wonderland and witness Les Enfants Terribles’ incredible take on Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland.

And to see this theatrical extravaganza you won’t have to go down any rabbit holes, just below the streets of London. Indeed, the show is set to take place in The Vaults as the critically-acclaimed group bring you Alice’s Adventures Underground.

The performance will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the original story and will bring together the talents of Oliver Lansley and Anthony Spargo, who adapted the book, and producer Emma Brünjes.

A cast of more than 30 performers will be on hand to make this a particularly special show, with 20 different rooms being set up to create a truly memorable experience for lovers of contemporary theatre.

As well as the show, there will also be three bars serving a range of drinks. One bar will be reserved for VIPs with special tickets. Once the performance has ended, the Queen’s Bar will become the main focus of the evening as it will be open until late – expect all your favourite Wonderland features, from a hedge maze to flamingo croquet.

Adding a unique and clever theme to the production, audiences will only be admitted to watch in groups of 52 and every participant will be issued with a choice: DRINK ME or EAT ME. Remember this as it will affect how the show plays out.

Creature of London are also involved as creative collaborators for what promises to be an intriguing adaptations of this classic children’s tale.

The closest tube station to the Vaults is Waterloo. To get here, take either the Bakerloo, Northern, Waterloo & City or Jubilee lines.

If you are planning on attending this incredible performance then chances are it is going to be a late night. Book yourself a comfortable bed to fall into afterwards at one of our Shaftesbury Hotels.