Explore the Shops of Seven Dials


Many visitors come to London for the culture, the art, the history and the educational power of the many museums and galleries in the city. Given the fact that many of these museums and galleries, which are amongst the best of their kind in the world, are free to enter, it would be possible to spend an extended stay visiting a different one every day, and still never run out of exciting things to see.

Shop of seven dial

There are other reasons to visit the city, however, and chief amongst these, for many visitors, is the shopping opportunity which it offers. No matter what kind of retail therapy you’re interested in, London will offer a street, a district or a mall which is packed with outlets designed to meet your needs. From the well-known high street names along Oxford Street to more specialised independent outlets and areas such as Camden Lock, where you’ll find plenty of craftspeople displaying and selling goods which they’ve designed and manufactured themselves, the shops of London offer everything you could hope to purchase as a gift, souvenir or simply because it happened to catch your eye.

One of the richer and more varied shopping districts in London is the Seven Dials, which is situated in Covent Garden and is thus named because it is the point, quite simply, where seven different roads converge in a single circular junction. The area around this junction, sandwiched as it is between the theatrical district along Shaftsbury Avenue and the fashion and boutique oriented area around Neal’s Yard, is packed with small, quirky, independent and high end shops and boutiques, as well as exclusive destinations at which to eat and drink or access health and beauty treatments.

Whilst the shops selling one off unique items of clothing, vintage fashion, handmade make-up and designer shoes are the kind of outlets which you might expect in an area such as this, Seven Dials also boasts a selection of much more unusual shops of the kind which you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else, even within London. Amongst these more unusual outlets are the following:

Astrology Shop 

a one-off shop selling more than 1500 different titles dealing with the topic of astrology, with staff able to lend an expert helping hand

Bow Wow 

The only dog boutique you’ll find in central London, selling chic designer dog products sourced from all over the planet

Orc’s Nest 

If you don’t know your dungeon from your dragon, then the Orc’s nest, a shop dedicated to role-play games and the accessories they require, is an absolute must-see.

Atomica Gallery 

A gallery which displays and sells unusual and quirky contemporary works of art from artists all over the world

Grosvenor Prints 

The largest shop of its’ kind in London, selling antique prints dating from the 17th century up to the beginning of the 20th century

Another factor which makes the Seven Dials such an attractive shopping destination is the fact that the area regularly holds special promotional events, sometimes for a single night, sometimes for a few weeks, during which many of the shops offer special discounts.