Exploring Heathrow from the Inside out


Heathrow has recently under been a whole lot media attention, due to the planned authorised expansion of the terminals after Brexit. But for travellers who don’t have an inkling idea of the airport’s history and everything that it provides, what can they newly learn about the site?

The answer is a whole lot, and we naturally plan on providing you with a guide to Europe’s busiest airport so that you’re all clued in on everything that it has to offer. Spanning 1227 hectares, Heathrow Airport is already massive in size, but the runway being added across the m25 – it’s going to become even more colossal.

Heathrow Terminal

A Glimpse into some of Heathrow’s terminals
Terminal 1 was first opened in 1968 and was redeveloped in 2015 and caters to domestic flights and as well as some European flights. Terminal 3 is mainly home to the long-haul airline, while terminal 4 predominantly caters to shorter European flights.

Guests who travel to London for short two-three night trips on business often prefer to stay close to Heathrow Airport. It makes sense after all. Why would you want to commute a whole extra journey, if you value your convenience and time (and especially if you have a whole lot of luggage with you)?

To that end, fortunately, there are various hotels in and around the airport to cater to the business traveller’s needs. The BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow is an example of such an accommodation, and it delightfully bridges the gap between what guests might call a business venue and accommodation.

It, after all, features many meeting rooms, business facilities, an indoor bar, a restaurant, and a range of rooms – perfect either for the solo traveller or a group of two or more. At the moment, there are currently five terminals at the airport, but with the planned expansion this is going to rise to six.

If you’ve ever been in doubt about where to land, then it’s safe to assume from here on out that Heathrow is your best option – especially if you’re looking for an excellent nearby accommodation.