Christmas Markets

It can be difficult to keep everyone happy when visiting the city, especially around christmas time. Everyone has a different agenda, whether that be shopping, seeing a show or simply enjoying the festive frivolities across the city. If you’re visiting hotels near Hyde Park during the christmas period, then it is a good idea to come to the city with an agenda of activities to enjoy, as opposed to the inevitable family squabbles that might occur if you don’t plan accordingly. Christmas is supposed to be a time of excitement and joy, so make sure you plan ahead!

Christmas markets of London

A classic London staple, the street markets you can visit on a weekly basis will of course spreadover into christmas. Already quaint markets like Borough food market in London Bridge and Broadway Market in London Fields bring an incredible range of arts, crafts and foods to the streets of the city. During christmas time you can be sure to find these unique stalls selling christmas themed gifts and festive treats. If you’re in the city looking for that last minute gift, then check out Portobello Market in Notting Hill, Columbia Road market in East London or Spitalfields Market in London Liverpool Street.

See a christmas film at one of London’s many grand cinemas

This season you’ll be able to find classic christmas greats being projected onto almost any silver screen in the city. With the BFI SouthBank playing classic and forgotten christmas gems, as well as the Prince Charles and Rio Cinemas throwing festive parties for all the seasonal cinephiles out there. Whatever your tastes, a trip to the movies, whether to see a christmas film or one of the new blockbusters, is a great way to get out of the cold and share an experience with friends, loved ones and family.

Glide along to an ice rink

London is well renowned for its wide range of ice rinks over the winter. With the iconic Somerset House setting up whole discos around their courtyard rink, you can be sure to have a whale of a time. For family friendly ice rinks, the one that often appears outside of the Natural History Museum is great for strutting your stuff, whilst the parks of London often install ice rinks to be enjoyed by any and all ages and skill levels.

Get in the christmas spirit with Winter Wonderland

On the subject of ice skating, if you want to see some of the best figure skaters perform on a daily basis, then a trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland will dish up just that. Here you can find Peter Pan on Ice performed up to three times a day, whilst the stellar set of funfair rides are sure to bring a thrill for all. Winter Wonderland is open from the last week of November and up until the 6th of January. It is open every day except for Christmas day between 10 pm and 10 am. Hurry fast though, tickets are in high demand!