Going Bespoke: The Importance Of Following The Right London Itinerary


Does the word ‘itinerary’ put you off? If so; you’re not alone. If you’re something of a relaxed traveller, someone who’s flexible and likes to change plans as you go along, a bog-standard itinerary while visiting a fundamentally fascinating and so attraction-packed destination like London can have its drawbacks. So, what are these kinds of drawbacks then – and what to do about them…?

What about flexibility?

When you travel, is there anything worse than a linear plan for every day of your trip? You may like tentative plans, sure; who doesn’t? But what about allowing for the opportunity to deviate and make things up as you go – it’s arguably important to be able to go with the flow in somewhere as diverse, intriguing, exciting and busy as London.

To wit then, an ordinary, off-the-shelf itinerary may prove a tad restrictive. Your best bet then is to do a bit of your own research before you leave home and come up with your own itinerary that’s flexible enough to suit the London visit you want; that’s bespoke enough to fit you and whoever you’re travelling with – and, of course, should you be making use of one of those London hotels special offers, wherever you’re planning to stay.

Still having to research when you’re in London?

Too often, itineraries only plot out the attractions you’ll visit in a day, but they don’t account for breakfast-, lunch- or dinner-spots during the day (and the correct time of day). This is simply no good; so, go online and do a bit of research into the sorts of eateries that will cater to what you want in the nearby vicinity of where you’ll be at particular times of each – don’t worry, you’ll find you’ll be covered, all right; London’s over-spilling with eating options pretty much everywhere. And, don’t forget, that if you’re staying at an excellent hotel like The Devonshire, you can rely on its restaurant facilities for breakfast and maybe for an evening meal or two.

What about your specific tastes – and budget?

If you’ve got a pre-planned itinerary filled with museums and you hate museums, then said itinerary definitely won’t work for you. For instance, if when you travel, you don’t hit up the most famous attractions (like the major art galleries and museums), it’s not going to cut the mustard. Doing research and planning your own itinerary then is a must.

Getting off the beaten track

Finally, this is a highly valid concern because so much of what you find online doesn’t help you experience London like a local. If the sort of trip you want in the UK capital does, indeed, enable you to step outside the touristy norm and experience different bits and bobs that locals are familiar with and swear by, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper in your research. Maybe you ought to seek out an online London itinerary composed by someone who knows the city truly well (i.e. someone who lives there) or, if you’re still intent on making your own itinerary, definitely seek out recommendations that come from the locals themselves. If following a plan during your time in the UK capital only encompasses the biggest and most visited tourist attractions doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then but you’ll want to find or come up with one that really does comprise a mix of these (no doubt) with ‘off the beaten track’ spots too.