Helpful things to bring along while travelling to London

things to carry turing travel

If you are planning a trip to London for the first time, what to pack and what not to pack can get a bit confusing. In this blog we are listing some important things you must carry with you on your trip.

Carrying some essentials or must-have things on your trip to the city makes your vacation fun, relaxed and stress free. This list also includes some items that you shouldn’t bring along to London and other parts of United Kingdom to avoid any disappointment or trouble as well to avoid packing unnecessary things.

Here’s a list of things you must carry while you are travelling to London or other parts of UK:

Windproof travel umbrella: London is famous for its unpredictable weather. On a sunny day it can suddenly start raining and can get chilly. Infamous for its rain, London can get hit by light drizzles or heavy rain at anytime of the day making umbrellas an everyday necessity here. The rains are mostly accompanied by winds so make sure the umbrella you carry is windproof. Non-windproof umbrellas can prove to be quite useless in the London weather. You can buy a foldable one that you can carry everywhere with you without any difficulty.

Power Adapter:

A three-pin adapter is what is used in London. If you are travelling from anywhere outside of the country, you will need an adapter to charge your electronics like phones, cameras, tablets and more.

A waterproof phone case:

As the weather conditions are always wet, windy and moist in London and other parts of UK it is best to keep your smart devices likes phones in a waterproof case. There is always a chance that your devices can be exposed to damaging conditions like rain and wind, so to avoid then getting spoilt by moisture you should keep them safe.

Travel Insurance:

When travelling to London or any other foreign country, it is essential that you get a travel insurance. Travel insurance saves you from any unexpected, sudden or accidental expenses that you can face in a new city.

Comfortable walking shoes:

London is known for it’s popular walking culture that is popular among the locals as well as the tourists. You cannot avoid walking when you are exploring London, as driving here is a difficult option and cabs are mostly expensive. The best way to explore the central part of London is by walking and if you have to walk so much it is a must you carry comfortable walking shoes with you. If you book your stay in the Shaftesbury Hotel group, then all the hotels are close to public transport and relaxes you from walking too much.

Passport and travel documents:

When travelling to London, as tourist you must carry your passport safely with you at all times in case of any emergency. If you are staying at the Park Grand London Kensington, then you will get a safe or locker in your room to keep your documents safe.


What to pack for London in June?

For June you can pack your summer clothes but still always keep a light jacket with you. An umbrella is also a must to keep you away from the scorching sun and unpredictable rains.

What to pack for London in July?

Summers get brighter and harsher in July so make sure you are carrying cotton, linen and other cool clothes fit for summers. You can book your stay at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park and enjoy picnics, walks and other fun activities in the massive Hyde Park.

What to wear in London summer?

London summers are a great time to wear dresses, sandals, flip-flops, sunglasses and shorts. Get your summer wardrobe with you also a sunscreen.