How to Enjoy London Free of Charge


There’s simply no escaping the fact that London is an expensive place to visit. Although bargains can be had when it comes to finding accommodation, particularly if you take the time to search online, the day to day living costs tend to far outstrip those to be found in other parts of the UK, with simple things such as eating and drinking costing more than it would elsewhere. It is possible, however, for the clever visitor to save themselves some money in various ways, not least by taking advantage of some of the top London attractions which are actually completely free of charge. Whilst taking steps such as purchasing an all-day travel card and looking for the best deals on accommodation can save a reasonable amount of money, nothing could be more economically effective than spending virtually an entire visit enjoying world class days out which don’t actually cost a single penny. The following are just a few of the best free things to do in London:

Guildhall Art Gallery & Roman Amphitheatre – London is packed with history, both physical and cultural, with important and famous buildings vying for the attention of visitors on just about every street corner. Whilst most of these buildings are Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and, occasionally, Medieval, to take a much larger step back in time you should visit Guildhall Art Gallery, which also contains the ruins of a Roman Amphitheatre.

Hyde Park – when it comes to drawing up a list of attractions in London, it’s all too easy to forget the parks, but these wide open green spaces represent some of the most attractive and appealing parts of the city and are also packed with things to see and do. Hyde Park stretched over 350 acres and is home to a boating lake, a meadow and ornamental gardens, as well as offering horse riding, outdoor swimming, tennis and the chance to feel as if you’re miles from the noise and chaos of the big city.

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