Street Food

There’s always a good reason to visit London during the summer months, and whether you’re visiting with friends, family or co workers, there’s more than enough to keep you in the city. With summertime special offers at London Hotels such as the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International, you’ll never want to leave. Below are just a few of the events taking place this summer in London.

The Queens Birthday

Earlier this June the Queen celebrated her birthday. With celebrations all across the city alongside street parties and live music, there’s plenty to keep you celebrating. And what better a time to enjoy the heritage of the UK than a summer party on the 9th of June celebrating the monarchy. Whether your a royalist or not, it’s a great excuse to meet up with friends and take part in one of London’s iconic street parties.

Street Food

You wouldn’t want to sit in a park and eat luxury cuisine in the middle of winter would you? That’s why London is the prime time for food festivals. With areas such as Broadway Market, Brick Lane and Borough Market selling food either every day or every weekend, there’s plenty of new meals to enjoy in the sunshine. With Indian, Ethiopian and Chinese food just some of the many street vendors you can find in the city, there’s nothing better than a peckish pick me up whilst overlooking the glistening Thames or lush green parks of London.

Anniversary of shakespeare’s death

Every April 23rd is the annual Shakespeare day. If you’re visiting London in the springtime and are bonkers for the Bard, then there are plenty of events taking place every year during the weekend long appreciation of the most celebrated playwright in Britain. Whether it’s a workshop at the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare’s London home, or it’s an outdoors performance, April may be a better time than any to visit London.

City music festivals

London is home to a huge rostra of city music festivals. If the summer itself was a music festival, then London would have the best lineup. Whether it’s multi-venue all day festivals focussing on up and coming international talent or its a Hyde Park bonanza of the best in pop, then London is the place for you. As a city historic for its great output of artists, you can be rest assured that British Summertime, Lovebox,Field Day, Visions Festival and many more will put a smile on your face and a rhythm in your ear.


For the first two weeks of July, the Wimbledon tennis tournament brings the best tennis players from around the world to London. This prestigious tournament consists of men, women and mixed singles and doubles, whilst audiences get served up some of the most quintessentially British delicacies in the country. The famous strawberries and cream go hand in hand with this refined and high profile sporting event.

Cool shopping in London

If you’re looking for a place to do a spot of retail therapy whilst confronting the city heat, then you’re best bet is to try out Covent Garden. With a range of terraced bars and the Thames just a short walk away, you can shop till you drop then rest outside with the promise of street food and green spaces along the banks of the river.