London a shopper’s haven


London is the most visited destination in Europe! And with good reason too! There is so much to visit and explore that it is just not possible to take in all its sights and attractions on a single trip. Apart from the numerous attractions it is also known for its eclectic entertainment, cultural delights and of course its world class shopping venues. It could be summed up as being a veritable shopper’s haven!

If you do plan to visit London this summer then look out for the numerous Central London hotels special offers that are available at that part of the year. Of course, to really make the most of a holiday in the city you need to choose accommodation that lies in the centre of the city.

Staying at Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel

With world class hotels like the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel among other fine hotels, it should not be a problem finding suitable accommodation in central London. And if shopping is your primary motive to visit the city there is more than you can possible imagine! A few tips that might come in handy when shopping in the city are:

Timings: Most shops are open from 09:00 to 17:30 or 18:00, although you may come across quite a few that remain open till later. This is more so with independent grocery stores that function practically on a 24 hour basis. Most stores open on Sunday, while the timings may differ from 10:00 – 16:00 or 17:00 hours. There are certain stores that open earlier on Sundays but those hours can only be used to browse for items, with sale being permitted only later.


An array of shopping options

The most enjoyable aspect of shopping in London is the wide array of shopping options available to visitors to choose from. From the biggest brand names to bespoke, vintage to avant-garde there is an incredible variety of places to visit and shop at. Shopping in the city can really be a thrilling experience! Just a few of the many option available include:

– Retail Parks
– Street Shopping
– Department stores
– Food and Grocery stores
– Designer Stores etc.

For those who enjoy shopping at American style supermarkets there are supermarket chains of the likes of Sainsbury, Waitrose and Tesco. These supermarket chains have a mix of large and smaller stores that only house a wide variety of essential items. A benefit of shopping at these chains is the loyalty program offer, according to which shoppers are handed a loyalty card. Every time they shop at any of these chain stores points accrue, which can be redeemed or swapped for shopping at affiliates and partners, holiday deals, air miles etc. Every store’s loyalty program differs slightly, but at the end of the day is designed singularly to encourage shoppers to shop and spend money. Another convenient option is to buy things online with the major stores, and the items you purchase can be home-delivered to you for a small charge. With food prices having seen a steady hike over the past few years, cheaper supermarkets have become increasingly popular. A number of grocery stores at these markets offer incredible deals and discounts on non-branded and branded items. Customers however have other options to shop as well with a steady increase in independent shops as well. With consumers become increasingly aware of the health risks in processed food a number of independent stops have sprung up which offer organic food products and fresh local produce. While it may be more expensive the quality and variety on offer makes it worthwhile!

Household items and furniture

There are scores of huge chain furniture stores all over the city, with many offering attractive deals like interest free credit periods, which may extend up to four years for repayments. The main way they market their products and attract buyers is through the use of slick advertisement campaigns on television and other forms of marketing, including of course social media. For those consumers who want to adopt the credit purchase system it becomes imperative to pay up at the end of the designated period of the interest fees can be rather steep. While these large furniture chain stores are popular and convenient, the city has a number of offbeat and unique stores and places to shop for a more interesting shopping experience.

One such world famous destination is London’s renowned Portobello Market that has the distinction of being the biggest antiques market of its type in the world. It is convenient located in the centre of the city within trendy Notting Hill and makes for a most memorable day out. For those who prefer the option of shopping under one roof, a visit to the massive shopping centres or malls is definitely recommended. Some of the top shopping centres in and around the city are Stratford, Brent Cross and Bluewater etc.

Electrical gadgets

When it comes to buying electrical gadgets and items the most cost-effective option is to shop at large electrical retailers. These can be located at all of the malls in and around London and at retail parks. Shoppers can also choose to purchase items online and have them delivered to their doorstep. As there is stiff competition between the various retailers in the markets, you need to look around before you settle for the best deal available. For this you can use various online sites where you can type in the name of the item, shop location and approximate budget to find and compare the numerous deals available. With the introduction of web apps it has become even simpler to purchase items online. All you need to do is type in the name of the product or scan a barcode with your phone and the app will do an automatic search and comparison of products, which will help you to zero in on the best deal!