London Is Perfect For a Romantic Getaway, Here’s Why


From the breathtaking skylines to its historic tapestry of love stories, London has always been known for its air of romanticism. With such a huge city, it’s not surprising that even if visiting with the purely platonic, London makes for a great holiday destination. But when visiting with your significant other, what is it about London that makes for such a unique experience?

With the best budget hotels in London, many attractions and sights to see, we thought we’d give you a low down of just some of the reasons why the UK capital has always been popular with couples. From unique couple focused evenings to the best restaurants in the city, here’s why London has always been top of the list for love.

London stats about love

London has always been stationed in top 10 lists for romantic cities. This is no surprise when you look at the stats surrounding it. Based on statistics from social media, London came second to only New York when it came to marriage proposals posted about on Instagram.

This is no surprise, though. When it comes to marriage proposals, the reasons are clear; just look out of the window and you’ll see some of the best views in the country.

London love in literature

From poetry to novels, writers such as William Blake and Charles Dickens have always written about love in London and the troubles that can come with it. With 20th-century writers like Graham Greene focusing on the wartorn romance of the Blitz and many others exploring periods such as the Swinging Sixties and the Victorian era. It’s no surprise that with such tumult as that which comes with large cities, love and passion thrive in fiction.

London love in film

London has been the setting of many a romantic comedy and drama. From Notting Hill to Bridget Jones, the scenery and sheer character of the city lends itself well to the big screen. Most recently Emma Thompson’s Last Christmas hit the big screen, using the iconic festive lights of the city as a backdrop for a love story.

London and music

From buskers to arenas, the huge amount of music and lyricism that runs through the city streets will add a very beautiful soundscape to your romantic visit. With gigs to see, arena events and summertime music festivals, couples will find London to be music to their ears, whatever their genre is.

Furthermore, many of the best musicians in the world met or lived in London. From Handel to Jimi Hendrix (who shared the same house in Mayfair, albeit in different centuries) and even One Direction, the star-studded musicality of the city definitely adds to the romantic glamour.

Why couples should visit London

It’s all well and good talking about the inspiration that London has had on art, literature and music, but what about the nitty-gritty? What makes London such an attractive prospect for tourist couples?

Sheer scale

London spans over 1500 square kilometres. If that isn’t enough space for couples to explore then nothing will be. The great thing about the scale of the city is that each area has it’s own unique personality, meaning that you’ll always find somewhere to suit you and your loved ones taste. Furthermore, the size of the city means that there’s great potential for returnability, whether that be for a trip down memory lane or for making new ones with your partner.

Breathtaking views

From the peak of Greenwich Observatory to Primrose Hill in Regents Park, London is perfect for romantic picnics and walks, giving you dazzling views over the glittering city skyline. No wonder the city is so rife with proposals, the choice of wonderful settings can really make the big question pop.

London’s romantic restaurants

From the high rise glamour of Oblix East on the 32nd floor of the Shard to the intimate pubs and bars of Shoreditch and Clerkenwell, you’ll find side streets and skyscrapers dishing out the best in romantic scenery, There’s nothing quite like a romantic meal with your other half, and with London’s rich canvas of diverse high-end restaurants, you’ll never be short of a table to fall in love at.

Hidden parks of London

We’ve talked about the views of London, but there’s something idyllic about a real English garden. From the romance of the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew to the secret glades of Richmond Park, there are plenty of prime picnic spots for you and your beau to wander through. With hotels like the Marble Arch Suites located just a stone’s throw from the crown jewel of Hyde Park, your love can truly bloom alongside the flowers.

Beautiful architecture

From st Paul’s Cathedral to the Gherkin, London is full of stunning architecture. Pair your beautiful views with the London landscapes and you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities to share with your loved ones back home.

Great nightlife

There’s something simply exhilarating about a big night out with your other half. Sharing in the fun and excitement of the city’s nightlife gives you another side of the city to explore. Areas like Soho, Dalston and Shoreditch really spring to life at nighttime, bringing a wealth of cabarets, comedies and DJ’s to the many bars and clubs hidden in the depths of the city.


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