London to play host to world’s first ‘mindfulness opera’


The Barbican Arts Centre is set to launch ‘Lost in Thought’ in September, the world’s first mindfulness opera featuring yoga, communal eating and washing up!

According to its creators, the four-hour extravaganza will lead audiences on an inner journey of mindfulness that will be punctuated by extended meditation and long periods of rest.

Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that sees a person enter a mental state achieved by focusing their awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting their feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

Performers at ‘Lost in Thought’ include mezzo-soprano Lore Lixenberg, who will mingle with the audience as she leads what has been described as an interactive opera.

mindfulness opera

In addition, the composer behind the extravaganza, Rolf Hind, claims he created both the concept of mindfulness and the Buddhism-inspired music that will be the foundation for the opera.

He hopes that the “immersive musical performance” will send the “critical mind” people usually use when watching a show or concert off kilter and dissolve the barriers that have been constructed between the performers and their audiences.

Although ‘Lost in Thought’ has been described as interactive by its creators, those attending the show will be asked to remain completely silent. They will be able to take part in a gentle yoga session and eat vegan food together with other attendees.

After, the audience will clear up the dishes, which director Frederic Wake-Walker believes is a communal performance that is a vital element of the show.

Ms Lixenberg will be accompanied by seven other musicians as she takes the audience on their “mindfulness journey”, while the composer’s music helps them explore the points of contact between sounds and silence, and music and meditation.

The show’s world premiere will form part of the Barbican Arts Centre’s classical music season for 2015-16. ¬†It will run from September 25th to 27th at the London Symphony Orchestra at St Luke’s on Old Street in the capital.

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