London’s Fanciest Neighbourhoods


London is well known for its celebrity allure and many famous faces. Throughout history, you can find a wide range of iconic figures, media attracting faces and famous celebrities who have brought their status to the city streets. Whether it be a popstar, artist or actor, there are countless blue plaques across London, commemorating the figures who lend their personality to the ever-changing allure of the city.

And that’s just it, the city is always changing. The new hotspots and places to be will always shift with the times. Hackney, once a hotspot for up and coming artists in the 90s’ has now become a family home haven, whilst Tottenham and Seven Sisters have become the playground for the next generation of creatives. There’s always somewhere to explore for the discount hotel London guest, but there are also areas that have had their status cemented by years of London history. These areas will never lose their status, and promise a broad range of attractions and stories that tell not only the history of famous figures but the very city itself.

With grand architecture, beautiful buildings and a whole host of unique tales behind them, the elite neighbourhoods of London are well worth your time.


Based in North West London, Hampstead is a plush and leafy suburb located between Regents Park, Paddington and Camden. The area is well known for its beautiful Hampstead Heath where acres of nature reserve has been combined with lakes and swimming ponds. With its nearby theatres and entertainment venues, this area is well known for its large houses and quiet neighbourhoods.

Notable residents of Hampstead include famous British actor Bill Nighy, singers Boy George and Harry Styles and comedian Ricky Gervais. With its mix of modern and historic townhouses, it’s no wonder that Hampstead has become one of the most famous areas for a broad range of British celebrities who work in arts and entertainment.


Mayfair has been an area of London known for its affluence for many years now. When it was sold to the wealthy and influential Burlington family in the 17th century, the area became known for grand townhouses and for hosting the annual May Fair in London. Since then, Mayfair has housed much of London’s elite, alongside international embassies. Based near Oxford Street and Regents Park, guests at the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International can easily reach the iconic white townhouses of Mayfair, where such celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley live, alongside international royalty and politicians.


Made even more famous by the TV show Made In Chelsea, Chelsea and Knightsbridge have always been known for its elite residents and quintessentially London style. With Sloane Square being known for its “Sloaneys”, and a wide range of arts and entertainment venues in the neighbourhood, you can find much of London’s high society and intelligentsia hanging around the pristine streets.

Such residents include famous comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson, media mogul Richard Branson, guitarist Eric Clapton and Charles Saatchi, whos art gallery – the Saatchi Gallery – is also located just off of Sloane Square.


Located close to the Shaftesbury Suites Marble Arch, the Paddington area of Northwest London is close to some of the most gorgeous canal walks in the city. With Paddington Station based in the district, travel around and out of London is easy, making it a hot spot for jet setting celebrities as well as commuters. With the iconic Paddington Bear making this area even more famous, Paddington has also been the home of figures such as Emma Thompson, Elvis Costello and Alexander Fleming, the famous doctor and scientist who discovered penicillin, the first-ever antibiotic.


Based in North London, Highgate is another beautifully leafy suburb of the city, and like Hampstead is located close to some of the best urban yet wild idylls of the UK capital. With Highgate Cemetery being the resting place of figures as diverse as Douglas Adams and Karl Marx, Highgate Woods and Hampstead Heath are both within walking distance of the beautiful area. Well regarded London residents in Highgate include Jude Law, whilst the area raised the likes of film director Christopher Nolan and Kinks band founder Ray Davies was raised in the nearby Muswell Hill.

Highbury and Islington

Highbury and Islington is the famed seat of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, making it a classic liberal hub. It’s also one of the easiest to reach of the North London high society neighbourhoods with its proximity to Kings Cross and many fashionable districts of East London. Highbury and Islington is famed for its traditional London pubs and fringe theatre hotspots and whether you’re on the lookout for a great place to eat or a truly London night out, it promises winding canals and a vibrant cultural scene.

Highbury and Islington is also home to the likes of actors Helena Bonham-Carter and Mark Strong, singer Lily Allen and director Edgar Wright.

Notting Hill

Most famous for its depiction in British Rom-Com Notting Hill, this West London district is also home to the famous Notting Hill Carnival every September, and to the British Market Street of Portobello Road. Whether you’re visiting for a night out or a Sunday trip, there’s plenty to keep tourists busy in the buzzing Notting Hill. Who knows, you might even bump into some of its famous residents, including Damon Albarn of Blur, Robbie Williams, Martine McCutcheon. Historically, the likes of George Orwell, Thomas Hardy and Claudia Jones also lived here.

West Brompton

An up and coming South West district, West Brompton is historically known for its abundance of sporting arenas such as the nearby Stamford Bridge of Chelsea Football Club. West Brompton also played host to musician Bob Dylan’s very first gig in the still-standing Troubador Cafe. Here you’ll find the beautiful Brompton Cemetery, which is one of the famous Magnificent 7, a group of burial sites that have been protected by the city as royal cemeteries. With its proximity to many other West London districts, this neighbourhood has become one of the most recent posh neighbourhoods of London, competing with Chelsea and Notting Hill for the West London crown of fanciness.