November events in London


London’s events aren’t hard to come by. In fact, dozens of events adorn the city every month; so if you’re visiting and you’re looking to participate on a grand occasion, you’ll be visiting the right town. Especially in the month of November, guests can find an endless list of festivities from which to partake in.

The first of these are the Thanksgiving meals, the London Jazz Festival, and of course the great bonfire night fireworks displays, sure to add a sparkle to your chilly nights in the capital. With such an endless list of events, how do you best decide which ones you should visit and which you shouldn’t?

The truth is, you don’t want always to follow what’s most popular, because what’s exciting for many, might turn out to be very average for you. Considering that, think about what it is that your particularly enjoy the most when you travel to a new destination. Is it the food, art galleries and museums, or is it the music gigs. Whichever it is, or a combination of for that matter, pick accordingly.

Food Festival

Food events in London in November

Food events are something that most people don’t take the chance to experience, preferring to indulge their appetites merely through the consumption of food as opposed to the somewhat strange nature of seeing other people enjoy a food competition. The London Porridge Champions, yes you read that right, exalt the best porridge connoisseurs in the city as they battle it out for the tile of Porridge champ.

Art events in London during November

The guerrilla girls event was founded by the anonymous group of artists to expose the inequality of the male-dominated art world and takes place between the first November through to the 11th, meaning you can get a glimpse of the fantastic event if you arrive in November early enough.

It can be found on Whitechapel High Street, at the Whitechapel Gallery which is usually open between Tuesday and Sunday between 11 am and 6 pm. The nearest station is Aldgate East – close by to the London Piccadilly hotels and not too far from the Shaftesbury Suites Marble Arch has to offer.