Secret Cinema brings Back to the Future to London


​Great Scott! Back to the Future is one of those films that defined a generation. Not only was it the movie that catapulted Michael J Fox to worldwide superstardom, but millions of fans around the world still hold its sense of nostalgia and adrenaline-fuelled plot close to their hearts. 

So, imagine if you were given the chance to immerse yourself in this iconic 80s flick. That's right, you can officially step into Hill Valley as part of the Secret Cinema's amazing new project in London. 

The events team which recently recreated the futuristic Los Angeles skyline that features in Blade Runner, as well as the chambers of Lawrence of Arabia, are now focusing their attention to Back to the Future. 

Between July 24th and August 31st, movie fanatics will see their favourite movie scenes brought to life – and in painstaking detail too – before getting the chance to watch the family favourite afterwards. 

Here's the catch though, the location of the London venue is currently a secret, you have to buy the tickets first! However, the brains behind the operation – Fabien Riggall – recently spoke to Empire magazine about what spectators can expect. 

"I'm interested in taking Secret Cinema to the next level. In the future, I want to work with filmmakers before they've made their film, so we can put on a show before it's even out in cinemas," Riggall explained. 

Among Secret Cinema's biggest achievements was a recreation of Paranoid Park in 2007. Those involved with the programme transformed underground arches by London Bridge into a skate world with ramps. In 2000, Alexandra Palace was transformed into the desert to host a special showing of Lawrence of Arabia. 

Last year, Riggall caused controversy with his depiction of The Shawshank Redemption, which he says intended to raise eyebrows by encouraging those in attendance to think about the current issues within the prison system.