See the sights of London on a jogging tour


From Blackfriars and Bermondsey to Hyde Park and Hoxton, wherever you go in London you’re sure to spot the odd jogger or two pounding the streets or racing through the capital’s green spaces.

And now visitors to the city can also experience London attractions in this unique way, simply by booking themselves onto a sightseeing jogging tour.

City Jogging Tours offer guided runs taking in some of the most famous and iconic London landmarks, enabling you to enjoy a sightseeing experience with a difference while getting fit at the same time.

“This concept offers an alternative to being jammed in a bus,” founder and keen marathon runner Hope Sloly told London’s Evening Standard. “In addition, joggers see so much more than on a conventional walking tour.”

And you don’t have to be an experienced runner to make the most of a jogging tour, as the company also offers runs for new and recreational runners as well as competitive runners keen to keep up their training while on holiday in London.

Catering to both groups and individuals, City Jogging Tours can also be customised to suit your individual preferences, so you can choose the speed you’d like to run at as well the particular sights you’re keen to see.

Journalist Antonia Kanczula described her jogging tour around the capital and concluded that is was a challenging but rewarding experience.

“Warm-up and cool-down included, it’s taken around an hour and has forced me to run at a pace a notch higher than my usual,” she said. “I’ve seen some of London’s finest sights and gained the impetus to tackle more city-centric runs.”

So if you’re keen have a bit of a workout while soaking up the sights in one of the most iconic cities ion the world then lace up your running shoes and get yourself booked onto a jogging tour.