Should I Get a London Tourist Pass?


London is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. With 32 boroughs, a dizzying amount of attractions and 1500 kilometres to explore, the area attracts millions of tourists each year. This is no surprise, with free museums, exciting nightlife and a wide range of beautiful parks, the city is on the bucket list of many the world traveller.

Whilst a popular tourist destination, the city of London can be tough on the bank. With so much to see and do as well as currency exchange rates, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to cut the costs of your London stay.

Thankfully, there are always options for the budget traveller. Whether you’re staying for the week or the weekend, there are countless special offers at London Hotels that can ensure you really make the most of your trip. From discounted restaurant offers to once in a lifetime historic visits, just ask your concierge to see the discounts and amenities your hotel stay can entitle you to.

One such offer that London visitors can take advantage of is the London Tourist Pass. With flexible time frames, great discounts and an eclectic mix of attractions that the pass can entitle you to, this is one of the go to’s for London visitors across the world.

What is the London tourist pass?

The London Tourist Pass is a unique and economical way to enjoy over 80 London attractions with just one pass. Ranging from 1 to 10 days worth of attractions, the London Tourist Pass offers you queue jumps and instant access to some of the most famous monuments in London. With children’s passes starting at £54 a day and adults at £65, you can enjoy tours, cruises and historic sites in the city.

How do you use the London Tourist Pass?

With the useful phone app, you can simply download your pass and show it to the attendants at your given destination. With the option of adding daily travel to your ticket, guests at Shaftesbury Hotels using the pass can simply choose their destination and use the pass for entry.

What does the London tourist pass entitle you to?

Alongside attractions in the city, guests can also use the pass for entry into theme parks, river cruises, tour buses and even add public transport travel to their pass. This makes it easy to indulge in some of the most famous spots in the city and get their hassle-free.

Picks from the London tourist pass

Below are some of the most popular picks that can be accessed on the London Tourist Pass. From castles to theme parks, these great value attractions reflect the very essence of London’s character.

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is just an hour outside of London and represents one of the best family-friendly attractions on the London Tourist Pass. You’ll certainly get bang for your buck visiting Legoland Windsor, what with its incredible array of rides that are accessible for all ages and quirky lego orientated attractions.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the oldest castles that still stand in the city. With a history of murders, executions and even exotic animal menageries, the Tower represents almost a millennium’s worth of city history. Easily reachable at its Tower Hill location, this relic of London’s pass still employs traditionally dressed tower guards and is home to the Crown Jewels.

Westminster Abbey

Another ancient relic making London history accessible, Westminster Abbey dates back to the year 960 and has been an important Protestant Church for the city and its rulers. As the resting place for many famous royals, as well as writers and artists such as Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens, the abbey has long been a focal point for state rulers and royal celebrations.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Another centrally located religious icon, St Paul’s Cathedral has a history dating as far back as the 7th century. As the location of many famous funerals and weddings such as that of Winston Churchill, as well as housing a wealth of architectural and religious history, St Pauls is a must-visit for guests on the Tourist London Pass.

London Zoo

Another family favourite, London Zoo in Regents Park is easily reachable for guests at the Hyde Park International Hotel and promises thousands of animals and exhibits. As one of the oldest zoos in the world, ZSL has grown exponentially over the years, and will no doubt teach adults and children alike something new about nature and animal welfare.

Is the London Tourist Pass Right For Me?

Not everyone will get on with the London Tourist Pass, but it’s a surefire hit if…

You’re visiting for a short period

If you have a lot fo free time during a shorter visit to London, the Tourist Pass will provide you and your family members with quick access to a variety of iconic locations. With a diverse selection of places to visit, the London Tourist Pass will ensure that you fit in as much as possible during your stay and save you money in the process.

Are visiting with a variety of ages

Stuck on what to do with your youngsters? The London Tourist Pass promises such a diverse array of attractions that you might want to extend the length of your pass!

Don’t invest in one if…

You have a little free time

The tourist pass is well worth the money per day if you plan on using it to its full extent every day you have it. To get the most out of it, you’ll want to visit at least two attractions a day, or maybe even more.

Want to experience London on a local level

The London Tourist Pass is just that, for tourists. If you want to engage in the fringes of London’s boroughs or live like a local then this may not be the pass for you. Many of the attractions and tours included in a pass are located in the centre of the city, and might not be to the tastes of seasoned London veterans who have been there and done that.