Should you visit the Mysterious Eel Pie Island?

Eel Pie Island

Eel Island is a site in London most haven’t heard of, and that’s part of its charm. The private island is only accessible by the footbridge and features an ornament of private residences – all with excellent spots alongside the river. Visitors come here to visit the Twickenham Rowing Club, the range of artist studios provide showcases of different ceramics, mosaics, glassware, photography and sculpture. With that said, these studios are only available for viewing twice a year on open day weekends during the summer.

We invite you to visit during an artist open day weekend. Otherwise, there isn’t too much you can do on the island, so you’ll get the most value for your time during such an occasion. You’ll be able to discuss artists work with them, and due to the remote location of the island, you’ll find that everyone here seems a little more open. In essence, there is a great sense of community and creativity on the ‘Mysterious Eel Pie Island’.

To get to the venue, you’ll want to take a short ride on the R68 bus from Richmond, alight at King street, before you reach the narrow footbridge over the Thames that takes you to the magical Eel Pie Island. If you decide to stay at the Bw Plus Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel, you’ll be in the close location to both Heathrow and Richmond, meaning you can quickly take the time to visit this riveting island and venture out of the country quite comfortably.

Fascinatingly, the Eel Pie Island used to be previously named the Parish Ait, ‘ait’ connoting a small river island. The reason why it’s built a reputation for being mysterious is down to the island being the setting for a murder mystery novel written in 1932. Today the island has 50 residential dwellings and a few rowboats. The Artist Showcase is usually open in the first week of June and July. Naturally, we only invite you to visit the Mysterious Eel Pie Island if you’re visiting during these occasions.

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