Spend an evening with Mrs Brown and her boys


If you haven’t yet heard about Mrs Brown, then it is time you crawled out from the rock you have been hiding underneath and start watching the immensely popular BBC One comedy show.

The show focuses on the life of an Irish family, whose mother, Mrs Brown (played by Irish comedian Brendan O’Carrol) seems to always find herself caught up in the lives of her children (although some may argue that Mrs Brown tends to meddle with them).

Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown’s Boys has certainly grown in popularity through the television show – its Christmas Specials are one of the most watched during the festive season and it has received numerous awards including two National Television Awards, TV Choice Awards and a TV BAFTA amongst others.

In 2014, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie saw the matriarch hit the big screen to fight for her right to keep her fruit and veg stall open.

However, the show’s roots are on the stage and should you want to experience the hilarious wonder that is Mrs Brown in real life, make sure to snap up some tickets quick for London’s O2 Arena this July.

From July 7th until the 11th, How Now Mrs Brown Cow will be keeping the audience of the famous arena in absolute stitches. The five-night run is testament to just how successful and loved the show is, and given that it has enjoyed UK tours before as well as a ten week stint in Australia, it is no surprise.

You are guaranteed to have one of the best nights of your life as Mrs Brown is joined by Cathy, Grandad, Dermot, Buster and the rest of the gang in what is sure to be a hilarious, yet heart-warming show.

If you haven’t yet experienced Mrs Brown’s Boys live then you must ensure that you do so this year. We can guarantee that you will be laughing for days after.

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