Summer Visits To Windsor


When visiting London, Windsor would not be the number one priority with so much to do in the city centre. But even though it is often overlooked, there are plenty of opportunities for a great day out or eve a weekend break in this historic town. Located a mere 23 miles west of London, Windsor is home to Windsor Castle , one of the Royal families main residencies, as well as holding many other tourist attractions including the gorgeous historical town and the theme park Lego Land Windsor. If you are staying at Hotels in Paddington London, Windsor is also easily reachable from many train stations in central London so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit.

  • Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is one of the main attractions to the Windsor area and is a popular historical site due to it being one of the residencies of the queen. Visitors to the castle will often see the Palace Guards standing in their iconic uniforms outside the palace and if they’re lucky, will see the changing of the guard with the regimented marching of the red uniformed tall hat wearers. The castle itself was built in the 11th century after the Norman invasion and since Henry I have been used as the residence of the royal family and their court. The castle has been built upon for many years, refurbishments leading to it currently being Georgian and Victorian architecture, inspired by the medieval Gothic, making it essentially a throwback to older traditions of building. The castle itself is made of an upper, lower and middle ward as well as the state apartments and park. Each has its own unique design and has a designated function within the castle itself, which was originally created as a strategic defence of London by the Normans against any possible invaders. The castle also has its own grand chapel, the St George’s Chapel, lavishly built in the 15th century and is an iconic example of British gothic architecture.

Windsor Castle

  • Lego Land

Legoland Windsor is created on what used to be the Windsor Safari park, and is a theme park dedicated to the childrens toy, Lego. This is a great trip for adults and children alike and if you’re looking for a way to get out of the city and find attractions further afield than the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington then Lego Land is one of the must visit attractions. With great rides such as Pirate Falls, the Lego pirate adventure ending in a big splash or the Dragon Knight, a hurtling roller coaster taking you on flight with a terrifying Lego Dragon, you’re bound to have a brilliant time. There are plenty of other areas to explore, including a town full of miniature Lego reconstructions of world attractions including Windsor Castle and the Eiffel Tower. With attractions suitable for all ages and an expansive range of Lego products available at the gift shop, you’re bound to have a great time.

  • Boat trips to Maidenhead

Seeing as Windsor is based on the River Thames, you can take a boat trip up the river to Maidenhead, not far away. The scenic boat trip up the iconic river takes you not through the centre of London but through the idyllic surrounding countryside, ensuring not only a scenic trip, but a breath of fresh air from the bustling London.


  • Restaurants and shopping in Windsor

The town centre of Windsor holds many shopping and eating experiences, including the amazing Fudge Kitchen, where you can sample and learn how to make some Britain’s best fudge as well as the Windsor and Eton Brewery, where you can learn how the iconic beer is made.