Take a tour of the Hampton Court Palace


Symbolic to Britain and a definite place of interest, make a royal appointment during your trip to London to visit Hampton Court Palace.

Once the home to the royal family in the 1700s, the palace is now a tourist attraction allowing visitors to explore the history of the premises and its grounds. The grandeur of the building and its gardens offer beauty and history in equal measures and make it a destination you cannot miss.

Wander the corridors, get lost in the maze and marvel at the sheer beauty of the exterior during your visit. The palace is a piece of England’s heritage with both George I and King Henry VIII having once taken the throne here. But it is now open to the public, allowing thespians and explorers alike to immerse themselves in the history of the building.

From the great hall, one of the country’s oldest and greatest medieval halls, to the chapel royal that was in use for over 450 years, the palace allows you to step back in time and revel in its ancestry.

The grounds and gardens have been restored to their former glory and can be enjoyed during the summer in bloom or winter, when the land is at its most raw before the start of the new season.

Hampton Court Maze is one of the most famous mazes in the world as it covers over a third of an acre and is the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze.

Known for confusing visitors with its many twists, turns and dead ends, hours of fun can be spent with the whole family navigating your way around and hopefully finding your way out!

The palace and grounds are open every day except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day and ticket prices may vary.

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