Thames Estuary exhibition in London


If you have a fascination with discovering the beauty in ordinary things then the Estuary Exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands is the thing for you.

The exhibition combines well-known artists with undiscovered talent to collate artwork that is inspired by the Thames Estuary.

This year is the tenth anniversary of the Museum, which is settled in the heart of the Docklands, surrounded by water at the edge of the sea itself.

Pieces in the event all demonstrate the beauty of London’s waterways by artists who have been inspired by their unusual subject.

One of the many highlights of the event is the sea fort project by Stephen Turner, in which he explores the isolation involved with spending over a month stranded on an abandoned searchlight tower.

Another unmissable part of the exhibition is William Raben’s Thames Film and the various oil paintings by Jock McFadyen, which are sure to capture the imagination of any budding artists.

It promises to show a complete new perspective on the desolate mudflats and marshes that make-up the end of the capital’s Thames river.

However, visitors won’t only see beautiful landscapes, because a lot of the work displayed will focus on container ports, power stations and seaside resorts that surround the estuary.

It is hoped that visitors will get a complete impression of life around London’s estuary as it is not only paint that is used to create the art showcased in the event. There are also a variety of films and photographs in the exhibition that also use the city’s famous waterway as its muse.

The Estuary Exhibition at Museum of London Docklands promises to be an eye-opening experience that shares the inner-beauty of a landmark that is often forgotten.

It takes place from Friday May 17th and runs until Sunday October 27th. Admission is free, but if you’re planning on going in a group of over ten people you should book in advance to make sure nobody is left disappointed.