Spring is beginning to bloom and that means that summer is not far away. Although the weather may currentlybe more nippy and rainy than desired, the soon to come London summer will be a micro climate of fun and engaging activities. There are plenty of fun and active things to get up to in the great outdoors in London and the fact that the city has so much on offer will almost make it harder for visitors to choose what to do. From summer shopping sprees in the Shops in Charing Cross Station to the historic Royal Parks, there’s too much to pick from, even if you’re staying in the city for an extended period of time.


London Olympic Park

The London Olympic Park is located between Stratford and Hackney Wick and is home to the 2012 London Olympic Stadium. Of course, seeing as the Olympic Games in London finished 5 years ago, the park has been redefined as an incredible area for a variety of different activities. For the sports fanatics there is now a velo park for cycling open to the public as well as a swimming available for use as well as a beautiful park land area with an adventure playground and water fountains. There are also several sporting venues on site, including the stadium for West Ham United and several music concert venues available.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of London’s Royal Parks and sits next to the beautiful Kensington Gardens. Not only does the park hold many pieces of stunning memorials to such events as the 7/7 bombing victims and a statue of Queen Victoria herself. Wellington Arch, a memorial for the Duke of Wellington created by prolific architect Decimus Burton is also of interest due to its grand Marble arches and bronze sculpture of Nike, the Goddess of Victory. The park is also home to many amazing types of plant life. Of interest to Botanists, the Weeping Beech lies within Hyde Park, otherwise known as the upside down tree and is just one of the many plants cultivated in the parks walls. The park is also known for having a Speakers Corner, where every week public speakers from many backgrounds and philosophies engage the public in debate and discuss many topics of interest.

Serpentine Lake

The Serpentine Lake was created on behalf of Queen Caroline of Brunswick in 1730 and is a recreational lake that stands in Hyde Park. The amazing Riverside Café stands next to it, serving great food for all meals whilst the lake itself allows visitors to rent out paddle boats and sail around it on a sunny day. What’s more, the lake is home to many forms of wildlife including Geese and Swans who have made their home in Hyde Park. The Lake is also home to an outdoor recreational swimming area, where visitors can take a dip if the weather allows. The cordoned off swimming area is also natural water and therefore not heated and neither is it pumped full of chemicals such as chlorine, making it perfect for a cool dip on a hot day.

Music Festivals

There are several different music festivals in Lodnon taking place over the summer which cater to a range of tastes. These take place all over London’s vast array of parks and include British Summer Time at the end of June, this year hosting such showstoppers as Justin Bieber and Phil Collins in the aforementioned Hyde Park. Elsewhere you can find Field Day in London Fields, showing the best in alternative acts and Visions Festival, a multi venue new music festival celebrating the stars of tomorrow.