Tips that help you plan the most relaxing vacation to London with kids

vacation with kids

Travelling with kids can be a very overwhelming experience. A new city, that too as busy as London and the race to experience all that it has to offer along with all the planning involved can get very exhausting.

Here are a few handy tips that can help you have a relaxed and enjoyable trip with kids in London. As the infamous London weather can disrupt many plans, therefore most of the tips here are indoor things to do, so that no plan of yours gets disrupted.

Hotel Booking

The first and foremost thing to do is book a nice family friendly hotel for your vacation. You should ensure the hotel is luxurious and comfortable where your entire family can relax and rewind. As most of the kid’s friendly attractions and experience in London are in the central part of the city, it is only ideal to book a hotel that is in Central London. Plus, you should book for a hotel that is close to the tube station, this will make commuting with family and kids super-easy and will also help you easily explore different parts of London.

Ticking all the above boxes are the Shaftesbury chain of hotels in London. Providing unmatched comfort. Luxuries, facilities and a stay in the prime locations of London you will enjoy every moment of your stay here.

London View

Enjoy the London Views

London has several great points from where you can enjoy some spectacular views of the enite city. To get these views you can book a ride on the London Eye. Here your kids will enjoy the fun ride, see the breath-taking views. It’s a great activity for the first day is fun and not very tiring. Also, at south bank you get many options to eat, relax and walk by river Thames.

Tradition tea

The Afternoon tea tradition

The British love their teas and this is reflected in their popular afternoon tea tradition that is served at many hotels and restaurants. Serving a great selection of teas and delicious food with it, you and your kids can have a great family time here as well as enjoy the food and beverages. You can book a nice afternoon tea with your family at the Shaftesbury hotel in Paddington.

Explore the history of London

London is a city that is rich in its art, heritage and culture. This gives visitors a great opportunity to learn a lot about the history of this city. You can explore the many popular monuments of the city like the Tower of London. Some guides here deliver facts and stories in a way that will engage kids and make it fun as well as educational for them. Try this to have a fun day out with your kids.

Imperial War Museum

Free London Museums

This city also offers a wide range of great museums that are free for its visitors. Some world famous and iconic museums that you can explore here include the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, London Transport Museum, British Museum and more. These museums have highly educational displays and interactive exhibitions where your kids and you can have a fun-filled time.


Why we never take toys when we travel with children

Taking children’s toy with them on trips keep them from indulging in new activities and exploring the city that they are visiting. It can be tough to part them from their favourite toys, but for them to open their mind to other things you must avoid taking their toys with you.

Should each child have their own carry-on bag?

Yes, you should let the kids take their own carry-on bag where they can keep their tit-bits while on a holiday and also it teaches them to be responsible for their own stuff.