Visit the British Library in London


Many of us grow up losing ourselves completely into a world of magic and mystery through the power of literature.

From Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl novels following the escapades of the BFG and the Famous Five to taking a dramatic turn in our reading habits with Stephen King and JRR Tolkien – books are our source of knowledge and the perfect escape.

The British Library in London is home to over 100 million items, from books to magazines, manuscripts, maps, prints and drawings, and is the perfect place to spend a lazy day of discovery and intrigue.

Serving businesses and industry professionals, researchers, academics and students both in the UK and worldwide, the library has so much to offer, sadly there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

This autumn, a new exhibition shall be rolling into town; Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination. ┬áIt will be the UK’s largest demonstration of gothic literature, spanning 250 years since Horace Walpole’s, The Castle of Otranto, was first published and inspired a new genre of relevant works that has evolved into the pop culture of the present day.

With a selection of manuscripts and rare editions of gothic classics such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist, allow your imagination to run wild and take a look at how the iconic pieces of work have transitioned across films, art and music.

The exhibition runs from October 3rd until January 20th 2015 and tickets are currently on sale.

Located at St Pancras, the library opens daily from 9.30am – 8.00pm, except on Sundays it opens 11.00am – 5.00pm. Located on Euston Road next to King’s Cross and St Pancras International Station.

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