Why you need to stay near the Piccadilly West End

piccadily west end

The Piccadilly West End is something akin New York’s Manhattan, bringing together electrifying billboards, famous monuments, a range of galleries and stores – all in one place. While it might not be as nearly as spectacular in its sheer size or profusion of advertising lights, it still nonetheless manages to pack in a delightful sense of charm and passion. Today, it continues to be the centre point from which many travellers explore and roam the city’s attractions, with bus and underground connections all found nearby.

Europe’s busiest shopping avenue
Besides, Oxford Street, Europe’s busiest shopping area is just around the corner. Moreover, the bountiful and spacious Hyde Park is also not very far off, helping complete the area as one of the beacons of the city – represents all the values associated with London. From diversity, shopping, exuberance, and hype – this corner of this town has it all.

Shopping Clothes
Additionally, an eclectic range of hotels can be found in the area, and they include the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International hotel – which can usually be booked through the London Last minute hotels app service. Those looking to stay close to Heathrow Airport will find that the BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow is not only convenient but also full of business amenities likely to make any experienced business traveller feel overwhelmingly satisfied with the range of business facilities available at the lodging.

Where we invite you to stay in London
If you’re visiting on a holiday, then we recommend you stay near the Piccadilly West End for some reasons, some of which have already been mentioned. Other reasons include the incredible benefit of only having to walk out of your hotel before you face the city’s most eclectic range of attractions.

If you want to live within the throes of passion that the city offers; it’s simple – stay in the Piccadilly West End. Some of the famous sites include Ripley’s Believe it or not; Piccadilly Theatre, the Criterion Theatre, the National Portrait Gallery, and famous stores include Selfridge’s, Ralph Lauren, Hamleys, and the Apple Store.