Why you should explore London’s Secret Streets


London is a city that’s full of delights, but which of the sites here are a little more secretive? After all, no one wants to visit a destination and only have an experience that others have had. Every traveller usually wants to make their experience in the city a little more particular and unique.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the very best kept secret parts of the city that you’ll want to visit during your stay.  By staying at the accommodation we’re going to recommend, you’ll also be close to many of these sites.

London Streets
The Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel is a fabulous accommodation that manages to serve its customers year after year delightfully. With the central London hotel deals, guests can nestle themselves in this luxury abode for less than they might think.

And that’s particularly welcoming considering the kind of talk that’s all the rage nowadays about London being more expensive than it needs to be. The truth is, for what London offers, the accommodations are in actuality perfectly represent the value that’s gained by staying in an accommodation that’s close to all of the action.

For a moment, forget the famous art galleries and instead visited the Esoteric Collection of Modern Italian Art – found in Islington. Boasting a range of Italian art from the period between 1890 and 1950, this is a place that will delight any art connoisseur. But even for the person, who’s just dabbling in art so to speak, will find this attraction worth experiencing.

Arial View
Forget all the parks in the city for a moment, and consider visiting one of the secret gardens in the city. The St Mary’s Gardens, found in Hackney, epitomise what a treasure trove of nature would look like. With a beautiful herb garden, dazzling with various wildflowers and such, this is a site that’s worth definitely a visit.

Also consider the Secret Cinema, found in unusual places across London. It’s built to surprise spectators right from the get go. Book your stay in London, and make your trip surprising affair by visiting the previously mentioned attractions – you won’t regret it!