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12 June 2021
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Complimentary local and international calls (selected countries) by 'handy' mobile phone service

for guests staying at Park Grand London Heathrow

Get hands on with 'Handy'

At Park Grand London Heathrow, you will meet a great new companion 'handy' a smart phone service which is all yours for the duration of your stay. Find out how international roaming charges will be nothing but a distant memory. 'Handy' is our fantastic new smart phone service that offers you the luxury of complimentary unlimited local calls. You can also make unlimited international calls to selected countries. So whether you are staying with us in between flights or meetings, or still adjusting to a different time zone, just pick up the smart phone to call your friends, family and business associates without having to think twice about roaming charges burning a ein your pocket.

'Handy' is also a great companion when you are on the go.

Complimentary unlimited 3G data means you are always connected to the internet. A cup of coffee is no more the price for Wi Fi, when you need it on the go! Unlimited 3G data with handy means that you always enjoy access to the internet.

And it's not all calls and internet. handy is a smarter companion. Intuitive in built maps and apps offering great recommendations on food, drink and the best sights around town, 'handy' has it all.

With this great companion service you will always have a great time.

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