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hotel near london

Hotels near London are numerous, but why stay outside the city centre, when the stay is just as comfortable when staying within the city?

Many people choose to stay outside the city boundaries under the misguided belief that hotel accommodation is cheaper the further out of the city you locate. This, however, is simply untrue. It is more than possible to find exceptionally comfortable accommodation within the city itself, and at fantastic prices.

There are several ways of finding a great deal on hotels in London. Firstly, there are the travel guides that offer invaluable tips and advice about travelling to London: which areas to stay in, and which famous sites are most worth visiting (- these guides, therefore, are particularly useful when taking a short trip, or when sight-seeing time is limited). The best travel guides are either the Lonely Planet range, or the Rough Guides series. These guides have information on the best hotels near London and within London itself. However, they tend to adopt a comfort and culture approach to their information, and have less concern with price.

If price is the major concern when planning where to stay in or around London, then the best advice is to ask someone who knows the area well, failing that, it is possible to find fantastic deals on price comparison websites. However, be aware when using such sources, that they may be receiving commission from hotels, and thus omitting entries that may be cheaper.

When choosing a hotel in or around London, do not consider the cost of the room as the sole expense. Take consideration also of location, as hotels near London mean transportation costs to reach the city. A great many hotels may have easy access to London at great prices; it may simply be a matter of catching a train and depending on the location, it may be possible to purchase a one-day travel card (costing around £5.50). These tickets not only provide transport into the city, but also allow ticket holders to travel within all zones on a single ticket for a 24-hour period.

If it is not possible to travel from the hotel using a travel card, then bear in mind that taxi costs and more expensive train tickets may be necessary, a cost that could add up to£30 a day per person to travel costs. If this is the case, then add such costs to the price of the room per night – this may then prove to be a more expensive alternative than staying in a hotel within the city centre.

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